The Jumpseat – Where flight attendants tell their stories

Welcome to The Jumpseat, the podcast where I talk with flight attendants about their adventures in the air.

Being a flight attendant isn’t about serving passengers coffee while in flight, although we do that. While people sometimes think food and beverage service is our major job duty, they are very, very wrong.

Me, as a flight attendant for Western Airlines, many years ago.

Our primary job is to ensure passenger safety in case of emergency.

We all spent a lot more time during training learning how to evacuate a couple hundred panicky customers from a disabled aircraft in 90 seconds than we did learning to ask what they would like to drink.

That’s not to say our jobs are all serious – we have stories that make us laugh out loud!

A jumpseat in use.

So, welcome aboard. We know you have a choice in podcasts, and we’re glad you chose The Jumpseat.

(By the way, a jumpseat is a small, folding seat intended to allow crewmembers to fly without taking up a “revenue” seat. Sometimes, they’re in the cabin, sometimes on the flight deck.)

-Rhonda Orr

Here’s a look at what today’s flight attendants really do:

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